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Reduce glass bottle volume by an amazing 80% ! and create more space in your venue. All crushed glass is stored inside our specially designed mini wheelie bins.

Fact: just one of our compact 60 litre wheelie bins, placed inside the crusher holds 350 crushed stubbies (or 200 wine bottles!)

Eliminate the need for multiple bottle bins behind bar areas as you no longer need to bin your empties first - they now go straight through the machine. The convenient size of our mini wheelie bins allows for the option to reallocate the space usually reserved for storing your empties for more viable things like an extra car park, extra tables in your outdoor areas or extra room for stock/deliveries.

Reduce the flow of your collection frequency. Once the empty bottles are removed from your overall waste you will see a dramatic difference in the time it takes to fill up your standard wheelie bins or skip. For many of our clients this has directly resulted in reducing the size of their skip or in eliminating it altogether. Best of all-our mini wheelie bins are compact and easy to store promoting overall tidiness and improved access for deliveries and emergencies – always a good thing regardless of the size of your venue.


One of the main features of BottleCycler is that it is so unbelievably quiet!

Fact: Quiet enough to place the Bottle Crusher behind your bar or service area where it is the most efficient.

Bottles can be processed on the spot. The ‘no noise’ benefit also extends to outside your venue where the clattering of bottle disposal becomes a thing of the past. This is good news for keeping neighbours on side and has also been helpful in speeding up council approval for licence applications and building extension permits.

Eliminate OH&S issues

Work Cover Safety finalists in 2005- BottleCycler is without a doubt the most foolproof, safe and easy to use method of empty bottle disposal. By simply dropping the bottle into the machine-BottleCycler ensures that staff no longer has to come into contact with glass bottles. This means zero risk of injuries from broken glass.

Fact: No lifting and walking with clumsy and heavy bottle bins. Just use the ‘click-on’ handle and wheel the BottleCycler bin out, ready for collection.

Once the BottleCycler wheelie bin inside the machine is full - the bin is simply wheeled out with an OH&S approved handle. Anyone can do it! And better still....due to 350 stubbie capacity of our bins - it won’t need to happen that often!

Save time and energy

Our fast on- the-spot processing method (up to 100 bottles per minute!) means that your staff simply no longer has to deal with the handling and time it takes to dispose and empty bins of bottles - especially during peak times when things like access to back areas can be obstructed by crowds or when service is absolutely paramount.

Fact: It is the best to keep your staff where you need them most - behind the bar, serving drinks.

No need to colour sort the glass, or remove labels, corks, straws or even lemons before processing the bottles. Just push them through. All is taken care of with the laser colour sorting technology at the recycling plant.

Collection, Warranty, On-site Maintenance

Our Service Agreement includes on-site machine maintenance, full warranty, bin maintenance and glass collection.

Fact: For a flat monthly service fee we take care of everything. You just have to throw the bottles in the machine!

Environment, Recycling

Reduced volume = less and smaller trucks = less petrol = less Co2 pollution = less collection noise. (More info under the 'environment' button)

Conclusion: 'BottleCycler' crushed glass = no collection or handling noise = no contamination = no landfill = high recycling success.

BottleCycler offers a reliable and genuine solution to tackling space, noise, recycling and OH&S issues, with major benefits for all parties involved.